Organic Advocates/Feast Of Fields has made considerable strides in the organic movement since our roots were established over a decade ago by chefs Jamie Kennedy and Michael Stadtländer. We have evolved into a non-profit organization that is committed to raising awareness and support for organic agriculture, environmental responsibility and healthy living through our promotion of educational, research and advocacy programs.

Initially, we were recognized largely as a farmer-chef group with connections to the Knives & Forks organic market, however gradually our name has become more strongly associated with, and often overshadowed by, the name of our signature fundraising event, Feast of Fields.

Organic Advocates is currently taking important steps in response to the many changes that are occurring within the organic community. While still intending to serve the interests of our traditional membership of Southern Ontario organic farmers, environmentally concerned chefs and enlightened consumers, we are broadening our focus to a much wider consumer audience, which is quickly becoming more aware of the uncertainties surrounding our food system. Recognizing that consumers are the major driving force of the organic marketplace and being best known for our major event, we have responded by changing our official name to Organic Advocates/Feast of Fields to better reflect this group.

With our revised name and logo, we envision “Organic Advocates/Feast Of Fields” to become a name more widely recognized. We are committed to meeting our goal of having much greater public presence, which will include better communications through participation at trade shows, information seminars, symposiums, e-bulletins, a revised consumer’s guide, advertising, public speaking engagements.